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Fix for freezing problems in Windows 8 (using bootcamp on a iMac 27″)

by mstrid on August 24th, 2012

I was really impressed by Windows 8 after having installed it on my iMac 27″ and the only thing that eluded me (and still does) is getting the speakers to work. There is still no official bootcamp drivers for Windows 8 so I have only used the drivers included in Windows 8.

But my happiness soon turned into horror when the computer began to freeze, and I mean REALLY freeze, I had to kill the power to restart it. I first suspected driver issues but luckily it there turned out to be a much easier workaround.

EDIT: The link to the original article on WithinWindows appears to be dead (per 2012-10-26) but the following SO thread contains the necessary command.

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