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Reflections from DevConnections November 2011

by mstrid on November 15th, 2011

A week has passed since I’m came back from DevConnections in Las Vegas (and a couple of days in SF), and I must say that I’m still impressed! Not that I had low expectations, not at all, but the mere number of developers in one place and all really good sessions to choose between made me feel very inspired.

So back in the dull darkness that is Gothenburg in November it is all about keeping the good spirit from Las Vegas and hopefully try to implement some of the great ideas that we brought home. Here are som highlights:

  • Scott Hanselman’s talk on all useful NuGet packages was awesome and, still suffering from some jetlag, I found his keynote really, really funny. Presentation skills, a sense of humour and a handful or nerdiness really makes a good speeker!
  • Azure seems really easy to use, but it is a bit hard to try to predict the cost in SEK/USD beforehand.
  • Billy Hollis held a session on designing for touch that makes me long for some Windows 8 tablets. :)
  • Juval Löwy’s “The Architect” was a real eye-opener on a business in crisis and what to do about it.
  • Last, but not least, TFS 11 seems really good, especially the built-in task board for us doing Scrum(like) processes.

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